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​OJS Economac Issue 1 Volume 1 Had Been Published

Padang - FE UNP.

The Economac Journal: A Scientific Journal in Economics is a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Economics UNP on a periodic basis. In this scientific journal, researchers can publish their research reports in the fields of Economics, Management and Accounting.

Along with the development of journal  management that have adopted the Online Journal System (OJS), the Economac Journal is applying the online journal system (OJS) format since its ​issue in April 2017. For the April 2017 issue, the editor published 8 articles that had been submitted by researchers from various academic institutions and that had passed the review process.

The OJS Economac Issue 1 Volume 1 contained article​s from ​researchers at Mallikul Saleh University (Aceh)​, University Tidar and ​at F​aculty of Economics UNP. Each article published had been indexed by google scholar and sinta, and had a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Chief Editor of OJS Economac, Prof. Dr. Hasdi Aimon, M.Si, expressed his gratitude for this first issue and encouraged researchers to published their findings in Economac Journal.

On a separate occasion, the Dean Dr. Idris, M.Si also congratulated and showed his appreciation for the publication of OJS Economac. The Dean also emphasized the importance of improving the journal quality, especially in terms of indexation and accreditation of  the journal. It is targeted that, within two years, the OJS Economac will able to start the its accreditation process.

Researchers who are interested in submitting their articles and/or in citing The articles published in OJS Economac can visit the website http:\\ (YFZ-SD) ​