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The Department of Management Prepares for the AUN QA Certification at the ASEAN Level

Padang - FE UNP. In accordance with the directions of the Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Prof. Ganefri, PhD., delivered at the graduation ceremony last March, the Department of Management is getting ready to apply fot the AUN-QA international certification. This is in line with the university’s vision "To become One of The Leading Universities In Southeast Asia in The Field of Educational Science, Technology, Sport, Language and Art by 2025 based on The Piety to God Almighty".

ASEAN University Network (AUN) is a university networking organization at ASEAN level that aims to strengthen and expand the cooperation in the field of higher education among ASEAN countries. Currently, Indonesia has only 4 universities that has become AUN members and has received AUN-QA assessment each year. Those are UI, UGM, ITB, and UNAIR.

AUN Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) is one of the activities undertaken by AUN which aim to undertake quality assurance of the AUN member study program. This is one form of quality monitoring from the AUN that seeks to systematically, structurally, and continuously measure its member universities. AUN QA itself is actually an assessment, and not an accreditation. While Accreditation is part of QA.

The Dean, Dr. Idris, M.Si., has appointed a Team Task Force lead by Ms. Rahmiati, SE., M.Sc. to prepare various things needed in this process. The assessment is to be done independently (self-assessment) by first completing the Self-Assessment Report (SAR). The next step is a visitation process by the reviewer team of AUN who come from other ASEAN countries to provide inputs to the self-assessment that has been done earlier. (SD)