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The Institute of Department of Accounting hold A Tax Training on Brevet A and B

Padang - FE UNP. Post Tax Amnesty policy, the tax consultant will be the most sought-after profession by taxpayers to assist them in fulfilling their tax obligations. To be a professional tax consultant, it is necessary to understand the tax laws in our country.

Responding to this anticipated phenomenon, the Institute for Consultancy and Training of Accounting and Taxation (Lembaga Konsultasi dan Pelatihan Akuntansi dan Perpajakan–LKPAP) held an integrated tax training Brevet A + B. The LKPAP was led by  Ms. Sany Dwita, SE, MSi, PhD, Ak. It is an organization under the Department of Accounting FE UNP, as a part of its community service activity. 

The training materials were tailored to the Tax Consultant Certification Exam (Ujian Sertifikasi Konsultan Pajak—USKP); thus, it is aimed as a preparation training for the exam. The ideal is  that after completing the training, the participants can pass the USKP and become professional tax consultants.

The training was held for 32 meetings (64 hours) that lasted from 10th to 20th July 2017. One of the training instructors was a Mr. Lucky Freza Indra from The Padang Tax Office (KPP). The other instructors are practitioners and academics from the LKPAP’s staff, namely Ms. Charoline Cheisviyanny, SE, MAK, Ak. and Ms. Herlina Helmy, SE, MSAk, Ak. (SD)