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Workshop: Stata Application In Management Research

Padang – FE UNP. To improve capabilities in data processing for lecturers, Departement of Management conducted an online Workshop on Application of Stata in management research on 9th October 2020. The speaker of this workshop was Dr Fajri Adrianto, SE.M.Bus from the Andalas Faculty of Padang. This event was opened by the Head of Management Department, Mr. Perengki Susanto, SE, M.Sc, Ph. D and the participants who attended were lecturers from the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, UNP.

The participants in the workshop moderated by Mrs. Dina Patrisia, SE, M.Sc, Ph.D, were equipped with a statistical application, then the speaker delivered the material as well as providing tutorials directly to the participants. The workshop materials provided included panel data (Fixed Effects regression, Random Effects Regression, Hausman Test and Classical Assumption Test) and SEM through STATA software. (Yfz)