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Halal Bi Halal and the Release of Candidates for Haji

Padang - FE UNP. In order to establish a good relationship among the academic community, the family of the Faculty of Economics UNP held a “halal bi halal” event and a well wishing for the Hajj pilgrims. The function took place on Monday, 17th of July 2017, at The Auditorium Prof. Kamaluddin FE UNP. Among the attendees of the function were the faculty management—Dr. Idris, M.Si., Dr. Efrizal Syofyan, SE, MSi, Ak, CA., and Dr. Susi Evanita, MS.—along with lecturers, administrative staff and students. The faculty professors were also attended the function, namely Prof. Dr. Z. Mawardi Effendi, MPd., Prof. Dr. Bustari Muchtar, and Prof. Dr. Hasdi Aimon, MSi.

Consistent with the its religious theme, a khotbah (sermon) was given in the function by by Ustadz Syofyan Hadi, SS, MAg, MA. Hum. In his khotbah, the Ustadz said there are three levels of forgiveness that can be given by someone to others who are guilty, and convey the importance of friendship, especially among colleagues.

The prospective Hajj pilgrims in the faculty are Ms. Rini Sarianti, SE, MSi., Ms. Nurzi Sebrina, SE, MSc, Ak. and Mr. Erman A. Representing the prospective pilgrims, Ms. Rini Sarianti, SE, MSi., asked and forgiveness and prayers to the others to help the smooth journey and activities during the Hajj.

In his speech, the Dean expressed his gratitude for the togetherness that has been established in the FE UNP. He also offered congratulations and prayers to the pilgrims hoping that they can carry out the worship, and safely return to Indonesia. The function was finalized with lunch. (SD)