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The Faculty of Economics – Padang State University (FE UNP)

The Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Padang (FE UNP) was established in 2005, as a result of the reorganization of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Currently, the Faculty of Economics has more than 3,400 students covering 11 courses and 89 lecturers. The faculty offers a wide range of subject areas for prospective students, at the Diploma, Bachelor, and Postgraduate levels, such as:

• Accounting (D3)

• Trade Management (D3)

• Tax Management (D3)

• Accounting (S1)

• Management (S1)

• Development Economics (S1)

• Economic Education (S1)

• Master of Management (S2)

• Master of Economics (S2)

• Master of Economic Education (S2)

• Environmental and Development Studies (S3)

The study program above offered by the Faculty of Economics with the strength of each program comes from lecturers who are competent in their field from domestic and foreign tertiary graduates. All Undergraduate program’s (S1) courses have been accredited in rank A. While the D3 Program in Trade Management and Accounting Study Program D3 currently has an accreditation rating of 'B'. And furthermore for the Tax Management Study Program (D3) and the Study Program of Environment and Development (S3) which is accredited in rank 'C' by National Accreditation Board, because it is a new Study Program.

With its profile and academic resources, systems and processes, the Advanced Faculty of Economics builds the nation with a motto:

"Commitment is Our Tradition"