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Faculty Profile


The Faculty of Economics – Padang State University (FE UNP)


The Faculty of Economics at a glance

The Faculty of Economics –  Padang State University (FE UNP) was established in 2005, as a result of reorganization of Faculty of Social Science. At present, the faculty has 3,374 students in 9 study programs and 82 academic staff. The faculty offers numerous vocational (diploma), undergraduate and postgraduate programs to prospective students as follows.

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Trade Management
  • Undergraduate Program in Accounting
  • Undergraduate Program in Management
  • Undergraduate Program in Economics
  • Undergraduate Program in Economics Education
  • Master of Management Program
  • Master of Economic Science Program
  • Master of Economics Education Program


Those programs are supported by competent academic staff graduated from leading universities in Indonesia and abroad. All programs have been accredited by The National Accreditation Agency of Higher Education (BAN-PT). All these The Master of Economic Science Program has received accreditation “C” while the other programs have received accreditation “B” from the agency.


With its profile and academic resources, system and process, the Faculty of Economics move forward to contribute to the nation development with a motto:

"Commitment is Our Tradition"