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Dua Degree Program



The very dynamic business environment is making competition goes beyond regional to global competition. Countries in the world, including Indonesia, are preparing for free trade era that has begun in ASEAN at 2003 through AFTA, followed by CAFTA and later in Asia Pacific countries (APEC) on 2020. The important factors to be prepared for the increasing competition are human resources quality and competitiveness as global business players. An internationally recognized quality education is expected to answer to challenges of the increasingly competitive future. Therefore, Faculty of Economics, State University Padang in cooperation with College of Business, University Utara Malaysia has opened an undergraduate Dual Degree Program in Management since 2007.

To produce graduates who:
1) Have high ability and skills to be able to compete at the regional level (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries)
2) Have insights on business at various countries to be able to face global competition
3) Can pursue postgraduate study at any university with MBA program around the globe

To produce competitive graduates who have analytical, managerial, and critical capabilities in addressing any economic issues and able to offer solutions to national and international the economic problems.
The Dual Degree Program is organized by dividing the study at two universities in two countries, namely, State University of Padang (Indonesia) and University Utara Malaysia (Malaysia).

With the following arrangement:
1) 1st to 4th Semester: lectures are held at Faculty of Economics, University of Padang, the language of instruction used are Indonesian and English
2) 5th to 7th Semester: lectures are held at the College of Business, University Utara Malaysia
3) 8th Semester: Thesis writing at Faculty of Economics, University of Padang

After completing their study, the Dual Degree Program graduates will earn double academic degrees, namely SE., BBA. Hons. (Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration excellent)