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Faculty Management


Faculty of Economics Leadership



Administration Leadership___________________________________________________________

Head Department Administration                                                         :  M. Arifin, S.Pd., M.Pd                                           

Head Sub Department      -   Education and Students                         :  Hardiyanto, ST.

                                           -   Planning, Finance and Personnel           : Herda Susanti, S.Kom

                                           -   General and State Property                     :  Zas Wilastri, S.Sos.



The Faculty Senate __________________________________________________________________

Chairman          : Prof. Dr. Yasri, MS

Secretary          : Dr. Marwan, S.Pd, M.Si

Members          :   


Department and Study Program_____________________________________________________


Department of Economics Education

1. Head of Department                       :  Tri Kurniawati, S.Pd, M.Pd

2. Secretary of Department                :  Elvi Rahmi, S.Pd, M.Pd

        -  Head of Magister Economics Education Program (Master)     : Dr. Marwan S.Pd, M.Si


Department of  Management

1. Head of Department                       :  Rahmiati, SE, M.Sc

2. Secretary of Department                :  Gesit Tabrani, SE, MT

       -  Head  of Trade Management Program (Diploma 3)        :  Firman, SE, M.Sc.

       -  Head of Tax Management Program (Diploma 3)             :  Chichi Andriani, SE, MM

       -  Head of Magister Management Program (Master)          :  Erni Masdupi, SE, M.Si. Ph.D.


Department of Accounting

1. Head of Department                        :  Fefri Indra Arza, SE, Ak, M. Si

2. Secretary of Department                 :  Henri Agustin, SE, Ak. M.Sc.

         -  Head of Accounting Program (Diploma 3)                       :  Halkadri Fitra, SE, MM, Ak\


Department of  Economics Science

1. Head of Department                         :  Drs. Ali Anis, MS

2. Secretary of Department                  :  Melti Roza Adry, SE, ME

         -  Head of Magister Economics Program (Master)           :  Dr. Sri Ulfa Sentosa, MS

         -  Head of  Environmental Assessment                             :  Prof. Dr. Hasdi Aimon, M.Si

            and Development Program (Doctoral)


Laboratories Management_______________________________________________________

Computer Laboratory

Head                 :   Nayang Helmayunita., S.E, M.Sc

Business Simulation Laboratory

Head                 :  Muthia Roza Linda, SE.,M.M.

Gallery of Indonesia Stock Exchange Investments

Head                 :  Erly Mulyani, SE, M.Si Ak.

Office Administration Laboratory

Head                 :  Armiati, S.Pd, M.Pd

Microteaching Laboratory

Head                 :  Dr. Syamwil, M.Pd

Business Incubator Laboratory

Head                 :  Efni Cerya, S.Pd. M.Pd.E

Planning Studio Laboratory

Head                 :  Drs. Zul Azhar, M. Si

Accounting Laboratory

Head                 :  Sany Dwita, SE, MSi, PhD, Ak.