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Program SM-3T ( Graduates to Teach - at Outermost Regions, Leading and Remote)

SM-3T Program is a one-year community development service of graduates from Bachelor of Education program to participate in accelerating education development in 3T areas as professional teachers which, in turn, will be followed by "Teacher Professional Education Program" (PPG)

1. To assist in overcoming the educational-related problems of 3T areas, especially shortage of teachers.
2. To provide experience to graduates to build professional and patriotic attitudes, committed to solve education problems, and have endurance in developing education in 3T areas.
3. To prepare future teachers committed to education in ​​3T area.
4. To prepare future professional teachers before joining the Teacher Professional Education Program

1. Educational units in accordance with areas of expertise and local demands.
2. Innovative learning activities at school.
3. Extra-curricular activities.
4. Tasks associated with education management at schools.
5. Communities development activities to support education development in 3T area.
6. Social task.

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