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Teacher Certification

Certification is a process of improving teachers’ qualification as well as teachers competency testing in accordance to technical mechanisms that have been set by the government through the local Department of Education and Culture, in cooperation with higher education institutions, which ends with certification of teachers who fulfil professional standards.

Teacher is a noble profession, but it is still perceived inferior to the lawyer, notary, doctor, banker, accountant and athlete in regards to human resource development and economic welfare. Why is that? Despite the vital role the teachers play for future generations and the nation, why are they still inferior to other professionals in terms of qualification? Moreover, the teacher’s economic welfare is still far below other professions mentioned earlier. No wonder then most teachers are currently busy with side jobs which then raises criticisms against them. Teacher nowadays is in a dilemmatic position.

Teacher Certification program is important to offer solution to the issues. It leads to improved knowledge and teaching methods of teachers’ as well as increased economic welfare of certified teachers due to better benefits.

• To determine the competence of teachers in carrying out duties as learning agents and in achieving national education goals.
• To improve the process and the quality of education
• To improve the dignity of teachers
• To improve the teachers’ professionalism

• Protecting the teaching profession from unprofessional practices that can damage its image.
• Protecting the public from unprofessional practices of unqualified teachers
• Improving the welfare of teachers

TEACHER CERTIFICATION has a sound legal basis since it is mandated by the Law. The Teacher Certification is based on Law No. 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers (UUGD) which was issued on 30 December 2005.
The other Legal Basis is Law No. 20 of 2003 on National Education System, and the National Education Minister Regulation No. 18 of 2007 on Certification for Teachers issued on 4 May 2007.

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